Uniquely different, and you will love it.

Most rug padding consists of a thick layer of compressed felt and a very thin layer of rubber to hold the pad in place. Elevate is the exact opposite. Elevate rug pad is topped with a thin layer of high performance velcro style felt to cling to your rug, while flaunting a thick layer of soft rubber to maximize comfort under foot.

Any rug. Any size. Any floor.

Elevate rug pad is designed with versatility in mind. Each 36" wide roll can be cut easily with scissors and placed under any type of rug, of any size, and over any flooring surface.

Benefits and Features

Luxurious feel under foot | Holds your rug firmly in place | Keeps your rug looking newer over time | Third party clean air certified | Does not support mold growth | Cuts easlily with scissors.

Elevate introductory video

  • Keep your rug looking like new

    Elevate rug pad protects your rug from wear and walking fatigue by absorbing the shock of everyday foot traffic. Selecting a high quality rug pad can be just as important as deciding on a specific rug style.

  • Breath easy

    Elevate rug pad is clean air certified by The Carpet and Rug Insitute (CRI) for a healthy home. CRI has a third party inspection program that certifies products to ensure they do not emit harmful toxins into your home. For more information about CRI and Green Label Plus testing visit,


  • Stay local

    All the components of Elevate are sourced within North America. This reduces the enviornmental impact on the planet by reducing high CO2 emmissions that typically result from importing materials over long distances. Elevate was designed, and is made in Canada.