Engineering Comfort

"During the planning phase of Elevate we realized most of the rug padding available was not very comfortable, there was a lack of dependable performance, and most were visually unappealing. This motivated us to not only create a product that worked incredibly well, but also gave people something they love. To reach this goal we knew we had to use high quality, Eco friendly and locally sourced raw materials, and rigorously test them. The end result is a rug pad that truly elevates itself in every way."    
                           -  Elevate design team.

  • Virgin polyester felt

    Polyester neddle felt has many advantages over recycled felt or wool including a natural resistance to organic acids, mildew, bleaches, and other oxidizing agents that could damage the material. It also has a high heat tolerance and resistance to wear and sunlight.

  • Open cell latex rubber

    Natural latex rubber is clean, breathable, soft and comfortable. Latex does not support mold or mildew growth, it is sentless and does not contain any checmicals that are harmful to people, animals or the enviornment.

Dual layer construction

Superior performance and maximum comfort delivers the best of both worlds.

  • The basics

    • Country or origin: Made in Canada.
    • Application: Residential and commercial
    • Durability: High abrasion resistance and suitable for heavy traffic.
  • Testing

    • Radiant heat tested to ASTM C518: R-value 0.64.
    • Flammability tested to ASTM D 2859: Pass
    • Anti-microbial ingrediant: UltraFresh
  • Certifications

    • CRI Green Label Plus: Low VOC certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute.
    • California Prop 65: Does not contain any checmicals that are known to cause cancer in the state of California. Certified by FSI Canada.

Thickness comparisson

1/8" low profile non-slip.

1/4" extra comfort non-slip.

3/8" premium comfort non-slip.

How Elevate is packaged and shipped

All rolls of Elevate rug pad come with detialed installation instructions. Each roll is shipped in a box that measures 36" long x 8" wide and 8" high.